7 Important Web Design Tips to Know

7 Important Web Design Tips to Know

Are your visitors able to know exactly what your company is about, what it does, within a couple of seconds arriving on your website? Are visitors able to get around the site with little difficulty? Is your pricing scheme easy to grasp? Are your visitors engaged in whatever it is you put on your site?

If you’ve answered no to at least one of these questions, then it may be time for you to re-evaluate things. To take some time to go over your design and ways of optimising it. 

The best websites are those that have a design that compliments whatever it is the site is about. This means having the perfect user experience, coupled with functionality. 

Even the very best web designers have fallen victim to neglecting these vital elements on their site. This is because many make the mistake of prioritising the wrong things. But the truth is, the very best sites, are the ones that have the right content, coupled with a complimentary user experience. 

So Why Web Design?

The design is very important, as you do not want to spend a considerable amount of time putting amazing content together, which will only go unnoticed. Thanks to the poorly designed site it is to be published on. 

What it comes to a sites user experience, this is a fairly general term that encompasses a lot of elements about the site itself. Thus, it could take some time to fully comprehend what’s at stake. 

So, what are the things that you must know, if you want to enhance your website?

An answer to that is laid out in 7 important questions. All of which are designed to ensure your website design goes in the correct direction. Attracting the viewers and conversions. 

1. Provide an Optimal Navigation System

Websites that are designed well, are those that use design elements to guide the user around the site itself. It’s important that sections of the site are clearly differentiated, as this makes it easy to navigate through. This can be done through the user of colours, positioning, size, contrast, all of which can control the direction of the human eye. You want a single navigation system for your site, that’s consistent across your website. Drop down menus can oftentimes make your site appear cluttered, so you may want to avoid them, in some instances. 

2. Use Quality Images

Countless studies have shown that close to 70% of people are visual learners. This, coupled with that fact that over 90% of everything we learn is transmitted to use via visuals. For this reason, it’s very important that your site is properly complimented with quality images, in order to support your work. 

With the right visuals, you can more effectively help your viewers understand the gist of your work. High quality images are also great in that they give your site a sense of professionalism. 

3. Think about Usability

If you have a website, but it’s not very usable, then most viewers will leave. So, when doing anything on your site, you always have to put yourself in the perspective of the user. 

A good way to go about it, is to add a checklist of things you think your users would want to see on your site. Then simply go through all the different things, and ensure they are on the site and easy for the user to find. This could be anything from, booking an appointment, getting a quote, buying something etc. Once you’ve got that down, it’s now time for you to test things out. The only real way of knowing whether or not your site is user friendly, is to get real life people to check it out, and give you feedback. Make sure these people know nothing about your business beforehand. 

4. Consider 404s

Make sure, any individual that visits your site, never sees a 404 error during their experience. 404 refers to pages that cannot be found. This may occur when a page has been moved, deleted or the wrong URL is used. 

5. Adopt Insightful Headings

You want exciting headings, one that will draw visitors to your content. Ideally, they will relate to what you think the customer is looking for. You should also include keywords in the title, this way you can be sure you’ll get the right visitors to your site. 

The major search engines place a heavy emphasizes on the headings of your articles, so going with the right heading, will have a huge impact over the success of the article. With the right heading, users will already have a general idea of what the content is about, and what they should expect to find. 

There are so many well-designed websites out there that utilise great heading schemes. I recommend you give them a look. Try to pinpoint the elements of their headings that make them standout to you. 

6. Make It Easily Understood

Most people who will land on your page, will have a very low attention span. This means, they will not stay for every long, so you will need to ensure your site is easy to understand. A great navigation system and excellent content is a must. There are several design techniques that you can adopt, to make it easier for viewers to read your content. This includes things, such as using larger fonts, breaking your content up into shorter sentences, using nice contrasting colours, as well as proper utilisation of white space. 

When it comes to site design, there are some rules of thumb you should be aware of. They are, never to use more than three different font styles, keep your lines of text to 50 – 80 characters, which is around 18 – 20 words, and never use more than three different font sizes. 

7. Be Mindful Of the Placement of Your Social Links

It’s a great idea to include links to your social media accounts within your site, so that people can very easily connect to them. However, you don’t want to position them at the top of the page, and if you do, don’t make them too visible, as they can become a distraction, leading your visitor’s away from your site. 

Final Words

By incorporating these 7 web design strategies, you’ll pave the path towards crafting a website that not only boasts visual appeal but also ensures a seamless user experience. Keep in mind that an intelligently designed website can significantly enhance your ability to draw in new visitors, transform leads into loyal customers, and ultimately accomplish your online goals. So, let’s delve into these tips and witness your website thrive!

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